Feeds and PBS Smart Pricing

Published on 26 January 2016

PBS sources its content from market leading feed providers with a variety of pricing structures. Operators can decide which markets they would like to display and which set of prices they would like to offer their customers. This way, they can tailor the product effectively to the market demands of their particular territory.

The PBS Smart Pricing feature allows operators to modify existing odds to suit individual requirements. As a result, operators are able to provide a unique betting offer that is independent from their competitors. Odds can easily be adjusted on any level using the innovative centralised Trading Cockpit.

This allows operators to provide bespoke odds to cater for the demographics and circumstances of a particular environment, for example, better odds in highly competitive regions, and more moderate odds in areas with a lower competitive density.


  • Maximise profit by adjusting odds to local requirements (can even differ from shop to shop)
  • Stand out from your competitors and attract price-conscious punters with the best odds on the market
  • React efficiently to the key moments by adjusting odds for specific events up to the market level at just the right moment
  • Leading feed providers such as Betradar, Betgenius, Sporting Index, SiS, Manny Bernstein, XBnet and Touchbet
  • PBS’ powerful centralised Trading Cockpit tool allows operators to easily manage prices across all channels even down to single terminals:
  • This tool offers dynamic risk management and quick reaction to competition and fluctuations in the market.
  • It also allows operators to cater to an increasingly price-sensitive customer base.

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