Risk Management and Odds Service

Published on 12 June 2017

Playtech BGT Sports (PBS) have a dedicated in-house trading team who provide 24/7 bet monitoring 365 days a year. This service means that operators can rest assured in the knowledge that their money is safe from suspicious betting activities and fraud.

The PBS Risk Management service automatically divides markets and sports into a number of different tiers dependent on their level of risk. This means that each tier is assigned a stake limit and when this limit is reached, traders will be alerted and the market is automatically suspended until it has once again stabilised.

Operators can of course define their own limits and exceptions can be made for known ‘High Rollers‘ and popular markets such as the Premier League or Champions League.

Our trading team also have the ability to override settlements and they can regularly compile customer-specific risk reports for partners.


  • 24/7, 365 days a year dedicated coverage
  • Automated alerts in the event of suspicious activity or fraud
  • Odds automatically fluctuate and update based on market activity and betting trends
  • Ability to override settlements and compile customer-specific risk reports
  • Operators can use standard PBS limits or determine their own limits

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