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Retail Solutions

Imagine your shop being in the thick of the Champions League action

PBS operates on a global scale with more than 120 partners in 24 different territories, resulting in over 30,000 products currently live worldwide. A decade of experience with blue chip operators has kept us ahead in customer service while satisfying the punters’ needs for versatility and reliability. PBS has developed a range of bet entry points which can be effectively combined to offer your customers the complete Omni-Channel experience. We have essentially become a one-stop shop for all big sports betting operators and bookmakers.

PBS’ retail offering includes Self-Service Betting Terminals (SSBTs), traditional over-the-counter (OTC) and space-saving devices like Compact Terminals or Tablets especially for smaller venues. Our Shop TV solution allows operators to display the latest odds for any sport and promote specific events.

Compact Terminal & Retail Tablet

Modernise your betting premises with state-of-the-art devices

In addition to the standard dual-screen Terminal, Playtech BGT Sports (PBS) has launched a space-saving and cost-effective betting solution for use in any retail environment. This product uses exactly the same software as the PBS Terminal and offers all the same functionality. With Compact Terminals, operators can easily increase the number of bet entry points and maximise space without compromising on any of the great PBS content.

This smaller one-screen solution can be run on any Windows operating system and is available in a range of different sizes to suit all betting environments including bars, betting shops, tobacconists and newsagents. PBS works with a variety of hardware manufacturers to offer operators all kinds of compact solutions to choose from, ranging from lean tablets mounted on walls, rails or tables to solid all-in-one table-top designs.

Key Facts:

  • Cost-effective and space-saving retail solution
  • Easily integrated into any existing POS system
  • A compact, table-top or wall-mounted solution ideal for smaller venues
  • Allows operators to take bets in a wide range of locations, including tobacconists and newsagents
  • Maximises space and increases amount of bet entry points without compromising on content or quality
  • Modernises the betting premises and introduces a new generation of state-of-the-art self-service betting devices into a traditional environment
Shop TV

The ultimate betting experience designed for now and the future

Alongside the OTC solution, PBS also offers an odds display system called Shop TV which can be managed centrally using a special CMS application. This allows operators to display the latest odds for any sport and schedule the promotion of certain events even weeks in advance. The same CMS application is also used to create bonuses such as free bets or acca insurance and manage specific target groups.

Key Facts:

  • Cost-effective high-end solution to display the latest odds
  • Management via centrally controlled CMS application, the heartbeat of a vibrant betting environment
  • Integration services to 3rd party systems
Till (OTC)

The perfect customer service with super-fast betting

Playtech BGT Sports (PBS) has developed a leading Till system to accept all the bets customers may want to place over the counter (OTC). The PBS Till is a super-fast and easy to use retail solution that is supplied to a range of big operators across the globe. It allows shop staff to handle up to 10 customers at once, “park” clients, save bets and move onto the next customer. PBS’ OTC solution helps the cashier find the bet the customer is looking for with the smallest number of keystrokes possible and delivers in the most reliable and fastest way imaginable.

Key Facts:

  • Easy to use for operators
  • Active Shop TV Management
  • In-play and pre-match betting available
  • Dedicated customer facing screen
  • Innovative and appealing interface design (grid, tiles)
  • Customisable shortcuts for fast navigation
  • Centrally controlled CMS application, the heartbeat of a vibrant betting environment
  • Ability to park bets and easily handle multiple customers simultaneously
Self-Service Betting Terminals (SSBTs)

Offer your consumers an exciting new world of betting

Self-Service Betting Terminals are the PBS flagship product, providing a comprehensive retail betting experience to customers anywhere in the world. With over 170,000 individual markets across 30 different sports during the course of a week, PBS is able to provide a unique automated betting experience. The dual touch screen terminals have achieved regulatory approval in multiple jurisdictions and can integrate a wide range of data feeds, funding mechanisms and identification protocols.

Key Facts:

  • Global Market Leader and provider of specialised services to retailers
  • 95 % plus market share in the UK working with leading operators across the country
  • Consistently delivers a 25% plus margin for the operator
  • Proven generation of incremental revenues for operators
  • Retail solutions for all regulated environments
  • Adaptable, scalable and reliable – constant innovation in usability
  • Retail solutions for both anonymous and registered customers
  • Flexible and highly customisable interface to maintain brand identity